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In 1987, David Oliveras, José Montaño and Ricardo Morella, three great Catalan adventurers joined forces to fulfill their dream of taking part in most prestigious international all-terrain rally; the Paris-Dakar, created by Thierry Sabine. Epsilon Team came to life after they took part in the race for the first time.

Epsilon Team: HistoryThe first time they took part in the race in the truck category as assistance vehicles also marked the beginning of a new business activity in Spain; that of offering assistance services in the race to the competitors and to racing teams, with a first Mercedes-Benz truck.

Two years later, Xavi Foj, Jordi Juventany, José Luis Criado, Edu Cruz and Francesc Pardo joined the team, they added several assistance vehicles to the fleet and brought new hopes with them. In the 1991 Paris-Dakar, the infrastructure of Team Epsilon consisted of 5 vehicles and the crew was added to by the arrival of Rafa Tibau, Jordi Ginesta, Marc Maimo, Agusti Campà, Joaquín Dominguez, Ferran Marco, Joan Requena, Jesus Tello, Joan Valls, Enrique González and Josep Muñoz.

The strength and difference of the Epsilon Team structure is the totally amateur way in which more than fifteen people regularly take part in mechanics, preparation, administration, organisation and control.

Epsilon Team specialises in the technical preparation of trucks for competition and assistance, as a result of its participation in the most important all-terrain rallies for the last 23 years, which makes it the Spanish sports team with the highest participation rate in 23 Dakar rallies.

At this moment in time, the members of the Epsilon Team combine social activities with the club that has the same name, with the preparation of the participation in sporting competitions, the organization of assistance to races, and the preparation of competing vehicles.

A novelty in the last few years has been the purchase of a special Mercedes 3535AK vehicle with 8X8 transmission, with a great capacity of assistance, which is unique in the world.

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