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Pirelli Tyre Distribuitor

As well as our other services, thanks to our agreement with Pirelli, we are official distributors for them.

At the moment we have several models to meet your needs, amongst which the PS 22 pista 14.00 R20 ML 164/160 G stands out.

- Depth of stud 22 m/m
- Width of contact with tarmac 313 m/m
- Diametre 1245 m/m
- Maximum width 389 m/m
- Maximum load 10.000 kgs per wheel
- Maximum pressure 7,5 Bar
- Weight 105 Kgs
- Authorisation number ECE 54 nº E3 002245
- Authorisation number 2001/43/CE nº E4 0013914-S

Dsitribuidor de Neumaticos Pirelli
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